Coals To Newcastle by Helen Elphinstone - King

ARTIST NOTES: This Watercolour painting is of a Coal ship called Cape of Providence. It is a regular visitor to the Port of Newcastle and travels around the world.. I love to sit and watch as the ships come into Newcastle Harbour and watch the Tugs jostle around these Iron Maidens with ease and guide her to safety ..

On this day, I was sitting in Scratchleys and not paying much attention to my meal, as I watched this ship come into harbour with a storm following close behind ...I thought I have to paint that, as I watched the waves whip up as she increased speed, pushing the waves from her bow ..and the Tugs bobbed along..

I studied her for quite awhile before drawing her ..and I still follow her journey on the Ship tracker..she has changed her name a couple of times ..which as sailors we were told that was a no no ..
But if you enjoy Maritime and shipping this is the boat for you and I hope it brings memories of time spent at sea trying to escape her moods ... It is UNFRAMED ..the photo is to show what it could be like i a frame of your own choice


DIMENSIONS (Height - 38.00 cm X Width - 56.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour
GENRE Seascape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-41074-0137-01
COPYRIGHT © Helen Elphinstone - King
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Artist: Helen Elphinstone - King


“there is beauty in everything I see ….so I try to capture the beauty.. and keep the memories “..

G'day I'm Helen..

I'm an Award winning Watercolour Artist, located in the Hunter Valley, in Lorn NSW 

Painting a diverse range of subjects, strongly influenced from my love of sailing, the ocean, & horses. along with my experience of living in all towns Coastal to Country , from Far North Queensland to NSW. Always striving to transform my photos into drawings, then onto paintings, whilst enjoying the Journey of learning new techniques along the way.

My Watercolours are Semi-Realist/Impressionistic and I have won many awards, as recently as Winner of the Watercolours in the Town of Murals Art Prize in October 2020. I also have many collectors, both local and internationally, who are always quite eager to see my new work & add to their collections.

Each painting and every character that I paint, I often wonder what will be their story to tell... 

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and Multimedia and have worked Freelance 18 years..previously, a background as CEO & General Manager in Finance & Banking..

Now... I can concentrate on what I love doing in my own Art ..Watercolours...

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