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Virtual Art Show 2021 - Base - Other (18 works)

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Special Mention - Open Category at KernArt Prize, Australia

Exhibit# 169

Hygge Waffles

Height 30cm x Width 30cm

Other Medium on Other

Genre: Still Life

© Artist: Isabella Gardiner (1)
NRN# 000-43597-0134-01



Bassine Specialty Cheeses

Artisan cheese made on farm. Tastings and door sales. Cafe. Cheese platters. Snacks. Drinks. Local produce. Wheelchair accessible.





Bendigo Bank Community Bank

San Remo, Cowes, Grantville and Districts Community Bendigo Bank Branch have been supporting the local community for many years.



Exhibit# 328

On The Prowl

Height 70cm x Width 89cm

Charcoal on Other

Genre: Animals

© Artist: Ainsley Mcpherson (1)
NRN# 000-42290-0136-01

Exhibit# 475


Height 35cm x Width 25cm

Oil on Other

Genre: Impressionist

© Artist: Lisa Dereske Stewart (1)
NRN# 000-43558-0134-01

Exhibit# 502

Mural: Riverside Dreaming

Height 1,200cm x Width 4,600cm

Acrylic on Other

Genre: Landscape

© Artist: Pamela Taylor (5)
NRN# 000-43556-0134-01