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Virtual Art Show 2021 - Medium - Watercolour (54 works)

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Artwork number: 136


Height 30cm x Width 21cm

Watercolour on Paper

Genre: Nudes

© Artist: Sara Doyle (2)
NRN# 000-37436-0139-01

Artwork number: 143

In The Beginning

Height 44cm x Width 40cm

Watercolour on Paper

Genre: Contemporary

© Artist: Stephen Edge (2)
NRN# 000-43526-0134-01

Artwork number: 168

Assistance Dog

Height 45cm x Width 36cm

Watercolour on Paper

Genre: Portrait

© Artist: Pam Fox (1)
NRN# 000-35896-0242-01



Smart Art by Janice Orchard

Janice Orchard, KernARTs Artist in residence. Janice has taken part in many exhibitions across the Bass Coast and Melbourne and has received many awards and commendations for her work.



54 records found: Showing record 1 - 18    123Next >