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KernART: The Greatest Show in Town

The KernART Prize celebrates the role of art in bringing community together! We invite artists of all ages and all abilities to be part of our growing community. Art is a fundamental part of our wellbeing; both enjoying art and creating art foster resilience and strength. As a group of local artists and art enthusiasts, the KernART prize celebrates all art forms and mediums.

In 2020, we saw the impact of bushfires, drought and COVID-19. We witnessed schools pause, businesses pivot and people learning to connect in different ways. Through the challenge, we have seen that our connections, to each other, to our creativity, to our land, have been our strength.

The KernART Prize goes online in 2021! We invite artists in our community, and beyond, to share their work, perhaps sell their work, and join us for an opening online event. Established artists, emerging artists, unknowing artists; we invite all to share their creations.

Kernot is a small town in the Bass Coast, set among rolling hills and spectacular hinterland scenery. Kernot is a community with a big art heart centred around the 'Kernot Food and Wine Store'. If coming from Melbourne,  the short 70 minute drive is well worth the trip.

Money raised by the prize goes towards the Bass Coast Health mental health program- supporting families where a parent has a mental illness. Donations have supported sport and cultural activities for children in vulnerable families, supporting families to be further connected with their community through their interests and passions.

KernArt; celebrating art, promoting wellbeing, supporting those impacted by mental illness, building stronger, more connected communities. 

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